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What's going on with issues that matter in the short 2008 session?
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The Feb 9 Show Montage

With co hosts
Heather Brewer & Javier Benavidez


Joe Monahan will be with us to wrap up our series of showson the legislature, 2008 version. What have the alligators told Joe about our show continuing after the legisalture?


Senator Jerry Ortiz Y Pino is back with us again for the 2008 legislative wrap-up edition.  He'll tell us why he voted for the TIDDS legislation and what success and disappointments were made this legislative session.

Senator Ortiz y Pino talks with
DFNM's Mary Ellen Broderick
before a show last year


State Rep. Moe Maestas joins us to give his take on actions taken in the House during the 2008 legislative session.









In the 2004 U.S. Presidential election, 25% of 18 – 35 year olds got their news from John Stewart’s “The Daily Show” and “Saturday Night Live.” We could help get local progressive information to all age groups if we have a radio presence through the 2008 election. 

Alternative media are quietly on the rise, but most people still get their news from mainstream sources.  We'd like to think that progressive talk radio in New Mexico can bring information from seldom-heard voices to the wider public, and provide greater journalistic breadth to mainstream media. We're not ready to give up our voice to radio valium - air wave tranquilizers for the masses.

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